Sunday, March 21, 2010

Marie in Mumbai

I couldn’t believe I was in India even after I landed in Mumbai airport. It only struck me once we got in the car and into the traffic … I was amazed, and I have to admit, a little scared, when I saw how close to each other the cars where driving. And what’s surprising is that no one gets stressed out or angry with the other drivers, everyone is actually smiling!

Being a fan of Bollywood movies I already had an idea of what Mumbai would look like and I couldn’t wait to see everything from the Gateway of India to the big advertisements on the side of the highways. When you have high expectations you’re often disappointed, but I couldn’t be more in love with the city. I love the smell of the incense, the colors of the saris, the sweetness of Chai, the music playing from shops and cars and in general the energy of Mumbai. 

I really experienced this energy when I went to a cricket game. We weren’t even inside the stadium and thousands of people were already screaming and cheering together. For the first 20 balls I couldn’t understand the rules despite the fact that my friend explained them to me... But by the end of the game I was cheering as loud as everyone, counting the runs and hoping for a 6. I did get a huge sunburn during the game but it was totally worth it!

Another part of Mumbai that fascinates me is the food. You can get decent Indian food in Paris but you can’t even compare to eating here. The flavors blend together without overwhelming each other; you feel them one after another like delicious waves in your mouth. The local vegetables are so good that the French dishes I make are actually tastier here than in France. 

So far my experience of Mumbai has been amazing and I couldn’t have hoped for a better one. 


  1. Sounds great, Marie. You should travel by local train & bus alone, once to REALLY get a feel of the city!

  2. That was really sweet Marie.. But i think you missed the festival of colors which was on the 1st of March.. Keep writing. :-)

  3. sMokin. Can't wait to visit the shop .