Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Our first day working in the kitchen!

1st day in kitchen

After months of waiting, and chasing suppliers and contractors, and waiting a bit more, we finally worked at the kitchen yesterday! We settled in, took down the inventory, got familiar with the new equipment and baked the Le 15 signature macarons. With Marie and Geehae visiting, the all girls team was hard at work preparing for the International Week.

Today we had our first cooking class where Geehae taught a number of Korean delicacies. While the classes were being conducted on the first floor, those of us working downstairs could hardly wait to dig into the Jab Chae, Bulgogi and Bibimpap for lunch (ths is going to be one delicious week at Le 15!)

Korean Cooking Class


  1. Wow! Such a lovely, shiny, sparkly kitchen. It's better than a playground :)

  2. Hello ladies,

    yesterday was total foodie fun! Looking forward to the rest! Do try to put a google map location to the central kitchen on the blog though. Will be good for directionally challenged people like me!


  3. Thanks, Simran! :)

    Hey Rushina! We've actually put up the map on the cooking class post. But you're right, we need to put it in a more prominent place!

  4. Sunday was such fun baking cup cakes. You guys are doing a fantastic job!