Monday, November 22, 2010

Eclairs, strawberries and Christmas dreams!

We are so so happy! When we started out almost a year ago, hardly anyone in the city knew what a French macaroon was. We've come a long way since! Not only are Le15 macaroons famous in Mumbai, but we've got tons of requests to start up in Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad and even Dubai. While there are many exciting offers in the pipeline our focus remains the same: bringing Paris on your plate. So, this month I want to introduce you to my new love: the beautiful, seductive and luscious French éclair
When I first moved to Paris, I couldn't stand éclairs, I even whined when we had to learn how to make them at school. I thought it was meant to be this hard choux pastry stuffed with sweetened cream. It was only at Le Cordon Bleu that I realized how delicious, soft, creamy and rich a true eclair is. So while we already serve chocolate and hazelnut éclairs, we plan to introduce a lot of new flavours in December! Expect to see lavender, green tea, honey and passion fruit éclairs on the menu soon :)
Strawberries are in season! Look out for our seasonal menu!
For everyone calling about the classes, the new schedule is out! We have lots planned this month and so what if we can’t have a white Christmas, we can make up with stollen, gingerbread houses and fruit cake! Click here for the schedule, and don’t forget to sign up soon!


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