Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Class Schedule and a Chef from Geneva!

Sorry sorry sorry! I know it's taken a while to update this page and we haven't replied to your e-mails regarding the schedule. We were trying to understand what you wanted to learn and make a class schedule that fits every need!

A very very exciting addition to January's classes is Chef Kunal Arolkar. This humble and immensely talented chef is currently the Executive Pastry Chef at The Residence, Zanzibar and also the Owner & Coordinator of Professional Hotelier India. He spent 2 years at a Michelin-starred restaurant in Geneva as Pastry Chef ("Rasoi" under Chef Vineet Bhatia), worked aboard a Yacht, two Island Resorts in the Maldives and gained valuable Local experience at Le Royal Meridien, Mumbai. He is in India for the fortnight and we are extremely lucky that he has agreed to conduct demos at our central kitchen! His classes will not only focus on technique, textures and flavors but also on presentation (to make sure your plate is Michelin worthy!).

After all the requests to teach puff pastry, Chef Christina will be conducting a class on laminated dough (croissants! apple turnovers!) and for everyone who is already counting the calories in all the butter, we have a low fat (guilt free!) class scheduled as well.

Food consultant Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal will whip up some spicy cheesy pastas and help newlyweds learn how to cook.
So, we have lots planned for you in 2011. Check the entire schedule here and let us know what interests you!


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