Monday, January 31, 2011

Stupid Cupid! Valentine's Day bookings now open!

Before every special occasion my brilliant graphic designer/ friend Pratish and I sit down and brainstorm. For Valentine’s Day, we started talking about our boxes in November. I started with a long list of things I didn’t want, "I don’t want hearts on the box, I don’t want the outside to be red, I don’t want teddy bears or flowers and I’ll kill you if it says: Be Mine". Pratish looked at me and smiled (I bet he was thinking "oh ho here we go again").
So what did I want? I wanted something simple, something that made my eyes sparkle and heart glow, something that you would associate with love and romance. And that’s exactly how our Paris Carry Box was created.
Limited Edition: Paris Carry Box!

Annnd the Valentine's Day Special Menu

Heart Macaroons


Chocolate Chocolate Valentine

Mixed Bag

Choose what you want in your box!

Well, I HAD to...
Oh and guess what, we've got a very sweet deal for you! Have you ever tried Dr. Fish Therapy? Well, I got one last year and it was the strangest feeling! So, if you get goodies for more than Rs. 2000 at Le15 you
get a free Dr. Fish Therapy AND a 20% discount on apparel from Trunk
(Offer on from the 8th to the 14th of February).


  1. I wish I lived in Mumbai :(

  2. Hi Pooja,The Paris theme graphic on the gable box looks chic.The valentines day selection especially the heart macaroons look delicious.God bless.

  3. Hi Pooja,
    My boyfriend gifted me a box of cup cakes in the limited edition Paris Carry Box.
    It was soooooo Pretty!!
    & looking at the small table set overlooking the Le tour Eiffel reminded me of the cute cafes in PAris with the exact same view :-))
    I think the new box is a very good change for a special occasion like Valentines day from the usual pink box....
    As for the Macaroons & cup cakes, what can i say... they r simply YUMMILICIOUS!!!

    Sankeshwari Deo([email protected])

  4. I think you offer good service for Valentine's Day! I hope many people will make the best use of. I wish success.