Monday, February 7, 2011

Because we love you!

Wow! Thank you for the amazing response to our Valentine's Day collection! Orders have been pouring in, and soon we'll have to stop taking more orders.

In keeping with Valentine's Day and spreading the love, we have a lot of special offers/gifts lined up for you this week

10 lucky readers can win our Limited Edition Paris Carry Box (filled with macaroons) by contacting our friends at Mumbai Boss  

20 lucky readers (from any where in the world!) can win this adorable Le15 Cupcake Bag (Just comment on this blog post and I'll ship you one!)

All our customers get a 20% discount on Trunk Apparel and if your bill crosses Rs 2000, you get a Dr. Fish Therapy too!

If you shop at Trunk for Rs 5000, you get a Paris goodie bag with cupcakes and macaroons!

And here's the big one:

8 lucky readers get a FREE cupcake workshop with me on the 20th of February!!! Comment on this blog post and tell me why you should be one of those 8 people! 

So, what are you waiting for???


  1. Season of LOVE : love the the the bag...and its my bday on 19th but i dont mind eating cupcakes a day later ;)

  2. I love cupcakes. And I love every cupcake you've made so far (I guess I've tasted most!) - so I should totally be there.

    Except I am out of town on 20th.

    So can I get that cute bag instead. Please, pretty please!!!!

  3. They say, give a man a fish - feed him for a day, but teach him to fish - feed him for a lifetime.
    So I would much rather learn to make cupcakes :P

    That aside, I so love all your cupcakes, and as they say you can never look at a cupcake without smiling.

    I so want to learn to make cupcakes, and spread the cheer around!

  4. My son Lllooovveeess cupcakes....and your store is way too far to get him stuff from often if a cupcake class from u would let him eat ur quality stuff more often....i would llooooovveee to be a part of your cupcake class!!

  5. Other than the fact that i LOVE cupcakes, i simply love baking and would definitely love to learn to bake cupcakes from you. so please, please, please let me be a part of your cupcake class. :)
    Oh, and I wouldn't mind getting my hands on that cute cupcake bag also. :)

  6. Dear Pooja, Getting your bag will be a constant reminder to shop for your goodies.
    Many thanks

  7. Dear Pooja, Thanks for hosting these giveaways :)

    I love cupcakes, I think I should learn how to make them too. I tried making Nutella cupcakes once and it didn't come out as well as I expected. So I would like to learn from an expert this time. Please include me, pretty please :)


  8. Omg , the bag is superrr cute , i love all things cuppy cakes,soo muc!
    I am looking for cuppy cake bags forever and woulddd totally loveee the bag :-)
    I hope im one to get shipped with this bag !
    Thanxx a ton lods for the opportunity and ur Valentine goodies truly rock!

  9. cupcakes <3
    Those Little cupcakes that you'll bake scream out love,they're fancy and fantastic, with a real magic of their own!!
    It would be a pleasure to be part of the cupcake workshop at Le 15.
    love Ruchita*

  10. Hi Pooja!
    Thanks for being so generous and holding a free cupcake workshop. I love your belgian chocolate cupcakes but my reason for wanting to attend your workshop is something else. My MIL loves baking and I need to prove myself to her that I can bake something 'edible'. The one thing she can't bake is guess what...Cupcakes :-)). Please let me attend on the 20th and i'm sure one day my mother-in-law will sign up for your workshops.

  11. hey!

    I really believe that beautiful cup cakes are like lil drops of heaven :) Please let me take part in your workshop and begin to learn the art of cup cake making so that when I have kids, I can fulfil my dream of being the mom who makes amazing cup cakes!! :)

    I am new to the city and have not tried your cup cakes unfortunately. This valentine's is definitely at Le 15! :)

  12. Hi Pooja,
    I love the cupcakes! Especailly the red velvet ones and the belgian choclate ones. :)
    I hope you can have an outlet in the suburbs sometime soon :)

    I doubt I will be able to attend the workshop but I would love to have the bag... :)


  13. Purely for the love of the 'RED VELVET CUPCAKE' all time favourite and for being an ardent 'sex and the city' fan(due credit to the scene outside Magnolia that made cupcakes a worlwide hit)........I'd love to learn how to make my favourite cup cakes.

    Pooja.....please let me part of the workshop.

    Sincerely...a 'mega cupcake lover'

    P.S.the bag is supercute.....i'd buy it even if I don't get one.


  14. hello puja ma`m,

    i just love cupcakes n am passionate about baking and patisserie work.i am hotel management graduate,fresher n want to work with you atleast once in my life.Because i read ur blog almost regularly n also read ur stories n experiences of ottawa,le cordon bleu,internship etc, i would love to work with u once.

    so, lookin 4ward to work with u n i m sure,it wil b gr8 fun......

    keep rocking......

  15. Super cool! Love your cupcakes!

    Where can one buy this bag?

  16. I want a cupcake bag! The idea is making my sweet tooth positively tingle!

  17. Oh oh and I should ALSO get a cupcake workshop place because I'm dateless and also a girl who eats her feelings. To not give me a place would be WAY HARSH Tai.

  18. Hey!

    You're doing such great work, so inspirational! I love that you've a brought back a little bit (the most important bit) of Paris back to Mumbai. The Valentine's Day stuff looks adorable! Where can I get the super cute cupcake bag?

  19. omg!!!
    i wud just love love love to attend ur workshop..i haven't tasted nething yet but i've wanted to for the longest time n have been stalking u here n on fb....just ur outlets r a bit far for me...n im a bit lazy! sorry!! but i wud really love to come n meet u n learn a lil frm'd b just great!!!
    also d bag wid d cup cakes is so damn adorable...loveeeeeee it!!!!

  20. Hey Pooja..
    plz make my day simply coz i cant express how cute cupcakes look and how heavenly they are when they just melt in your mouth :)

  21. Are you still taking orders, Pooja? Can do with a little cheer. These look adorable.

  22. Dear Pooja,
    Thank you for the opportunity.Congratulations on your successful endeavor:).I love reading your posts.I am also passionate about baking and am self taught.I love baking.The heart shape french macarons look amazing.The bag looks very cute:).I will visit your dream shop when in Mumbai.God bless.

  23. Your cupcakes bring a big smile on every child's face.I would love to learn how to make a few and bring a big smile on my little 3 year old nieces face .

  24. My boyfriend always gets cupcakes & macarons from Le 15 & I completely relish them. They r just melt in the mouth pieces of perfectly baked & delicately frosted feast for the eyes nd the stomach. I would love to be a part of the cup cake making workshop & learn to make the yummy treats myself & treat my family,friends & my bf to the wonderfully yummilicious cup cakes :-)) pls send me an invite for one.
    Thanks :-)

    Sankeshwari Deo. ([email protected])

  25. Hi Pooja...

    I am foodie ... baking and cooking is my way of reaching to my dream world. i.e land of Food..... Your cupcakes, macaroons and cakes are like the toys which i dream of on regular basis to possess... very similar to a kids dream of living in toy world...I believe in approaching love and cooking in reckless abandon..
    Hope to earn Yummy delicious macaroons..
    [email protected] .

  26. Thank you everyone for your lovely lovely comments!!!! Please e-mail me your postal addresses ([email protected]) with the subject as "Cupcake Bag/Class Contest"

  27. Hii ! Im totally loving you blog! & I came across it via Omkar,he illustrated the cupcakes & all for your shop! And I saw the cupcake bag & i HAD to visit your blog! Are you guys still selling the bag ? :)
    Im so lucky,my birthday is coming up and im totally coming this week to pick your lovely cupcakes (& that bag too!)
    Loving you (totally!)

    Lots of love
    Mumbais biggest cupcake lover. :D

  28. I really believe that beautiful cup cakes are like lil drops of heaven.I love cupcakes. And I love every cupcake you've made so far (Cupcakes Melbourne I've tasted most!) - so I should totally be there.

  29. I like this your post.
    Your Cupcakes really good and I hope im one to get shipped with this bag !