Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Fabulous Adventures of the Le15 Travelling Cupcake Tote!

Since I started Le15 I haven’t been able to travel much (they say a new business is like having a baby). I used to consider myself a nomad (5 years, 8 cities, 17 apartments) and would get restless in one place after 3 months. Well, my nomadic life came to an end once the baby/business was born. 
After I saw the French movie Amelie I became obsessed with the idea of the travelling gnome. So my non-existent travel life was getting a bit depressing and I couldn't go visit my friends in all these wonderful cities. Instead of mopping around all day (which I did, a lot) I decided to send a representative! Aaaand that's how the “Travelling Cupcake Tote’’ came to be!
Our Le15 Cupcake Tote travelled from New York to Sydney, stopped over in London, went to the Eiffel tower in Paris (is it possible to be jealous of a canvas tote *blush*), saw the old town in Lyon, met up with my friend in Lebanon (and got to see her little baby girl!) and even went to Peru! Singapore, Tel Aviv, Dusseldorf, Koh Samui, Stockholm, Oslo, Milan, Sao Paulo, Athens, Beijing, Sofia, Rome, Zagreb…phew…thank god it doesn't need a visa!
Here's a look at its travel escapades.  
Oh, the good news: these totes can be bought from us (Rs 350 only!) and we would LOVE for you to contribute to our album! E-mail us pictures with the tote and get featured on our website that (finally) launches next month! Come on, order one today, there are still so many cities I have to see!!! Help me travel, pretty please :)

Bonjour Paris!


Beautiful Norwegian shows the tote Oxford

Almost gets blown away in Chicago

Looks good with Italian Andrea in Oslo

Getting a tour of Lyon

Checking out competition in the South of France!


With Edward the rabbit in Germany


In London!

At Harvard!
Salt Lake City

With my favourite Brazilian in Lausanne

Empire State of Mind: New York!

In front of the Rathaus, Vienna

Living the good life in Sydney!

More fabulous adventures coming up soon!!!