Saturday, May 14, 2011

Paris Guide: What Chefs Recommend!

Thanks for all the feedback on my Paris guide! Happy I could help make some of your trips memorable by sharing my experience in the city of lights.
It's been a while since I last visited Paris (will rectify that very soon!) so I asked 9 chefs and fellow Le Cordon Bleu alumni to help me out! Now remember, these places are recommended by very critical, food obsessed (we once had a 2 hour conversation about pastry cream) residents of Paris. The aim here is to get an updated guide with local places that this jury frequents.

Contributed by Antoaneta Julea (Canada), Carol Hirunsupachoti (USA/ Thailand), Pablo Naranjo Agular (Colombia), Mangal Dalal (India), Jill Sim (Singapore), Daniel Schehter (Israel), Sandra Santiago (USA)  Carolina Costa (Brazil) and Rosemary Chang (USA).

1. Cafe 
- Cafe Marly
Rosemary: You never know who you'll see there. A friend saw Catherine Deneuve. True Story. 
- Le Loir dans la Theiere
Daniel: I love the design. Everything here is excellent!
Sandra: The food is always good and it always just hits you when you walk in "I am in Paris''
- Cafe Etienne Marcel 
Rosemary: Perfect after a day of shopping for kitchen supplies at Mora and G.detou
- Les Banquettes
Pablo: Best brunch on sunday, if you plan on going reserve 2 days in advance!
- Hotel du pont
- Cafe Constant
Mangal: Cristian Constant's restaurant is casual, friendly and serves very good food at reasonable prices. It's creative yet the base is traditional french food. Perfect for a casual meal for two, dinner with friends or family. No reservations accepted, eur 30-35 per head including wine

2. Restaurant 
- L'Auberge Aveyronnais
Pablo: Great traditional South Western French food. Try the cote de boeuf and saussice aligot
- Le Chateaubriand
- Le Troquet
- Le Vins de Pyrenees
Daniel: My favourite restaurant in Paris. Simple yet fancy.
- L'Ecluse de Valmy
- La Rotisserie du Beaujolais 
Carolina: Must try the Coq au Vin
- Rino
Pablo: Semi-open kitchen, small and cozy, kind Italian chef and Degustation menu at nights!
- Je
- Pierre Gagnaire 
Mangal: For a three michelin starred restaurant, it's surprisingly friendly and will cater to last minute requests for vegetarian food.

3. Cheap Eats
- Pho 14
Carolina: The best Noodle soup!
Daniel: I love this place
-L'As du Falafel
- Creperie Suzette
- Le Cambodge
- Le Relais de l'Entrecote
Pablo: A good deal for salad and entrecote with their special secret sauce invented in 1959!
- Pink Flamingo
- Pitzman
Sandra: Lovely Jewish Deli that has some seriously good and ready to go cheap eats
- Deux fois plus de piment
Mangal: This chinese restaurant takes spicy food to another level. The fish in chilli oil and stir-fried chicken are particularly brutal. Drink plenty of soy milk and order the broccoli as well as the cucumber in cold broth to balance the spice. Reservations required, no cards

4. Shop/Market for food
- La Grand Epicerie
- Marche d'Aligre
Rosemary: You can't miss the Olive Oil tastings!
Pablo: A must do in Paris
- Marche rue St. Charles
- G. detou

5. Pastry shop
- Laurent Duchene
- La Patisserie des Reves
- Pain de Sucre
- Gerard Mulot 
- Sadaharu Aoki
- Pierre Herme
- Des Gateaux et du Pain

6. Macaron
- Art Macaron
- Laduree
Antoaneta: the black reglisse is incredible, even, or in fact especially, if you, like me, dislike licorice flavoured things.
Sandra: best classic flavours
- Pierre Herme

7. Places to get a drink
- 5e Cru
Rosemary: Buy a wine bottle off the shelf, hang out at the communal tables and share
- The Bottle Shop
- Harry's New York Bar 
- Le Pin up
- La Folie en Tete
- L'experimental Cocktail Club
- Kong

Hope this helps you plan your next trip to Paris! There are some places on this list that I haven't been to and have already marked them on my to-do list (which is so long, I think I need another 13 months in Paris!).
Bon Voyage!


  1. Missing Jacques Genin in the pastry shops list, as well as Le Verre Vole for wine bars...

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