Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Of Macaron trees and Photo Shoots

The best part about conducting baking workshops at Le15 is the exciting mix of people that show up week after week! While conducting one such workshop I had the opportunity to meet Maheen, a talented photographer from Tanzania. I fell in love with the pictures she took in class and we decided that the next time she was in India, we would do a food shoot capturing my favorite subject - Macarons. I was thrilled when Maheen called me last week and we set a date to shoot my macaron stand and my new favorite flavor: Vanilla Bean! Here's a look at some of the pictures from that day.

Nutella Brownies from the Chocolate Love workshop

Playing around with Vanilla Macarons

I just LOVE the colors!

My new favorite flavor: Vanilla Bean!

Macaron Stands now available for all your parties!

The most potent beans from Madagascar

Maheen's advice for aspiring photographers

1 - Your best equipment is your eyes

2 - Double backup your photography. Always!

3 - Research the camera/lens you want to invest in well. This will depend on the type of photography you wish to take on. If you're not sure, begin with a general purpose lens eg: Canon L 24-105mm or other kit lenses that has a decent zoom range until you are confident enough to make a decision.

4 - Be courteous and polite when photographing people, especially when you are traveling. Different cultures react differently to have their photos taken, so make sure you are aware.

5 - Its better to have 1 or 2 quality lenses than 4 average ones

6 - Click, click & click. The more you click, the better you will get.

7 - Be open to sharing and gaining constructive criticism on your photographs. Its the best way to improve.

Maheen is an independent freelance photographer and graphic designer based in Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania. She loves to travel and indulge in street food!


  1. Yes, superb photograph. I really like it. Hope to see some more. I appreciate for sharing this information.

  2. Actually I like biscuits very much. Now I like these colorful biscuits very much. Great article. I am expecting more informative article. Keep on posting...

  3. I love your style of photography. The photos are just simple but lively. I'd love to learn basic photography as well.

  4. I love your Macaroons! I love making Vanilla Sugar, but I don't like the Vanilla you get in bombay. where do you get your Madagascar Vanilla from?

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