Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Le15 for Cointreau and lotsa Valentine's Day Love!

Our kitchen is buzzing with excitement! There is so much happening in 2012 (can't believe January is already over). We had Els Brancs here a few weeks ago and now we are collaborating with Cointreau for a new limited edition line of macarons that will be available in 10 days! This orange coloured macaron is filled with a dark belgian chocolate ganache, a touch of orange zest and a generous kick of Cointreau. It will be available from the 10th of February to the 16th of February. The kind folks at 

Cointreau have given us these gorgeous pink (of course) cocktail shakers! So buy the macarons and take them home in the shaker :)  The Cointreau Macarons are priced at Rs 400 for a Shaker of 5 regular sized macarons. 

Limited Edition Cointreau Macaron Shaker

Our other Valentine's Day goodies include our most popular belgian chocolate, red velvet cupcakes and heart shape macarons. As always we have designed carry boxes and this time we haven't forgotten the men! Ladies, get your guys the 'For Him' box filled with Le15 Goodies and you won't regret it!

'For Him' 'For Her' 

If you want to make your Valentine something special this year, we have some very exciting classes lined up too! And, if that too isn't possible, go grab the latest edition of BBC Good Food (India). It features 5 delicious edible gift recipes straight from our kitchen (and a special Macaron Masterclass!). 
So, no excuses this year :)


  1. Awesum!!!!! is there any way to order these online? I stay all the way in the suburbs and often find it tough to go to your Worli store during the hectic week.

  2. Great job with the macarons...wish I could buy a few thousand of those pink cocktail shakers - they are sooo adorable!

  3. Looks absolutely gorgeous Pooja! Keep up the amazing work. I attended your chocolate class last year and am a huge fan of your goodies! Wishing you much success in 2012. Aarati R.

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