Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Paan Macaron is back!

The best part about being a pastry chef is having the ability to think of new ways to surprise the palate. When Le15 was still a work in progress I remember talking to a journalist in Paris and telling her that I would love to mix Indian flavours with French technique. This is exactly what we did last year with our 'Made in India' collection. After working on several potent Indian flavours I selected 5 that really worked with the Macaron. Out of these 5, the Paan was, and is my favourite.
I am still working with a lot of  Indian flavours and in a few months 'Made in India' will be back with new and exciting editions (mango lassi anyone?!). Till then, by popular demand, my beloved Paan Macaron is back on the shelves!
Please try it and let us know what you think :)
Bon Appetit!


  1. fab picture. super tempted to try it!

  2. You are awesome, you know that? YOur chocolate cupcake made the trudge from Kandivli to your store at Palladium altogether worth it!

    p.s. Your macaron was better than the one at Paul, the French bakery.


    I hope to attend your cooking classes soon!

  3. Pooja, would like to bring to your notice that the staff you have at the good earth store are most un helpful and not interested.... i visited the outlet last sunday, and asked for the dark chocolate macroons... they had 2 in stock, so i told the lady to see if they could get me 24. i asked her to call the central kitchen, as i know its nearby, and let me know..... she was most reluctant to call, and then said she tried but no one answered.... i even told her, to send the boy i would pay for the cab.... she just said no, not possible..... these young people should be taught to know the value of a customer and the importance of a sale.
    Thought i would let you know. Arif

  4. Hi Arif,

    Truly appreciate your comment and for bringing your experience to my notice. I apologize for what happened and will make sure we take necessary steps so that it doesn't happen again!



  5. Hi Pooja, just tried the Paan Macaroon at the Palladium store and both my husband and I loved it!, so glad to see such Amazing innovation from an Indian kitchen. Was disappointed though that this flavour wasn't even displayed on the shop window even though there was tons of space. I had to ask the server what it was because the colours looked interesting. I think if it was showcased well, it would sell even more!

    Think I am going to dream about it though-- yummmm!!

  6. I've seen such innovations on foreign food blogs and TV shows; never thought I'd see them in India. Great work! Hope to come to Bombay soon and binge on your macarons!

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