Saturday, May 5, 2012

A wedding, a much needed break and gifts from Brazil!

The first time I went to Brazil in 2006 I felt surprisingly at home. I was visiting my best friend from college and we went on a road trip for nearly a month. I was in love. The people, the culture, the football (watching the World Cup in Brazil was the craziest experience!), samba, caipirinhas and the food (oh the FOOD!) So when the same friend announced that she was getting married I couldn't pack my bags fast enough!
The last few months were a bit difficult for me and I couldn't wait to get away. I left the keys to Le15 in the skilled and trusting hands of my mother, sat on that plane and turned my phone off. The days that followed were blissful!

The wedding was one of the most beautiful ceremonies I've ever been to and managed to resurrect my faith in love. The trip was short, ten days is all I got but it was just what I needed to recharge my batteries :)
The location: Florianopolis 

Marcel and Jenai after the ceremony. 
The wedding cake!

Yes, we all went a bit crazy with the photo booth at the wedding!

Some of the food :)


However, Le15 was obviously always on my mind and so were you! I got some gifts back for a few lucky readers! If you like them and want to have them all you have to do is comment on this post and i'll send it over!

Dulche de leche! This stuff is heavenly! 

Black and Pink Havaianas from the ipanema beach in Rio!(Size European 39)

Coffee recommended by Aneesh Bhasin!

It's time to get back to work now with new ideas and plans. We do have some very exciting things in the pipeline! Stay tuned :)


  1. I'm not looking forward for the gifts.(Well, I'm not being really honest either:P)
    But one thing that I'm curious to know, is there a Brazilian desserts/ Brazilian cooking class on its way? I'm in already :)

  2. beautiful and a every womens dream

  3. Good to see you having a wonderful time in Brazil :) was wondering there were no daily updates on your FB page for the past week or so, now I know the reason.

  4. Wow brazil must have been fun....Dulche de leche Would love to get my hands on tht jar as i have heard so mch about it but have not tasted it till now.

  5. Looks lie you had a blast! That wedding cake is gorgeous and all the food looks brilliant! :) Thanks for the chance to win... Dulce de leche is tempting and the havaianas look cool!


  6. Hi pooja, seems u had real good fun ! Best friend's weddings are always special....would love to have any one of the tempting things u have carried all the way from Brazil.

    Riddhi.....( i did ur cupcake class last month and am looking fwd more such fun classes)

  7. Dulche de leche does indeed sound heavenly...:)

    p.s i am dreaming about your macroons.. need to send someone to pick up some rightaway.. have u started the mango ones yet?

  8. Will your fun filled stay in Brazil inspires new flavors of macarons? Perhaps a Dulce de Luche based one

  9. hi Pooja, seems you really had a fun fun time, you are recharged and am sure inspired, so do we expect some Brazilian goodies on the shelves shortly? and of course, a class for the same after that:-)

    made the walnut brownies that i learnt in your class and am the official family baker now. thanks thanks

  10. Wow! You must be really enjoying your work. And what a beautifullllll kitchen with all those wonderful equipments. Your friends wedding cake was beautiful. Did you make it?

  11. Hi Pooja
    Nice to know you enjoyed your well deserved break.I had attended a class in Oct last year and loved it.Also the kitchen party event at Olive was a big draw,courtesy your macarons and cupcakes.I have been trying to get into your classes since 3 months now but they all get full very early.Hope to attend in July(out of town in June).Thanks.

  12. Hey Guys!
    We have something for everyone! Unfortunately, not everything is from my trip. Can you please e-mail me your address so I can send the things right away! Hope you like what you get :)

  13. Finally I'm attending ur class today .. Yuhuuu.. U hv no idea how excited we are ..!!!

  14. Sent a mail.............

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