Friday, June 22, 2012

Cream Cheese

Sometimes, the name of a particular food item is enough to set your food fantasies in motion and to convince you that cheating on your diet is after all, no deadly sin. The mere mention of it sends your taste buds in a tizzy, you begin to subconsciously salivate and you find it mortally impossible to concentrate on whatever it is that you are doing. 

Well, Cream Cheese is that particular food item for me and I am finding it very difficult to continue writing this post without indulging in a spoonful of the same. But, I shall resist this temptation (only for a while though) and let you in on how magical and mouth-watering this adaptable element actually is. 

 It is mouth-watering and magical; it is Cream Cheese
(Image source)

American dairyman William Lawrence invented Cream Cheese, a soft, white cheese with a very high fat content, by accident. And there has not been a more lip-smacking accident in the world since!
In 1872 he just happened to chance upon this mild tasting cheese, that has 33% milk fat (cow’s milk) and a moisture content that is never more than 55%, when he was busy trying to perfect a French cheese called Neufchatel. Cream Cheese, unlike Neufchatel, does not naturally mature and is meant to be consumed fresh. He went on to package his invention and sell it to the masses under the name ‘Philadelphia Cream Cheese’.
There are reports that suggest Cream Cheese was founded and used in Europe and England way back in the 16th century, but then it was William who branded it and made it accessible to all. Smart lad!
After this enlightening piece of information, I’ll now describe Cream Cheese for what I think it actually is: a most loyal companion on those long nights spent alone in the company of black & white movies, and/or John Mayer. When (and if) consumed stand-alone, you will thoroughly enjoy and appreciate the richness and wholesomeness of Cream Cheese. If you don’t have the heart to ditch your diet altogether, then you needn’t worry.  Being as pliant as it is, Cream Cheese serves as the perfect add-on for all and any entrĂ©e dishes, desserts and salads. Its inherent supple nature ensures that it spreads easily on bagels and breads and its sweet taste certifies it to work well as a salad dressing.  

 Always be generous when spreading Cream Cheese on your bread
(Image source)

You can treat yourself to a sinfully delish Cream Cheese sandwich or feel free to load your cupcake with spoonfuls of this ingredient.  The only thing to keep in mind when consuming Cream Cheese is that you must eat it without any inhibitions. Only when your intentions are true, will you be able to taste the abundant creaminess and cheesiness this food item has to offer.

A grilled Cream Cheese sandwich waiting to be devoured
(Image Source)

You can buy your stock of Cream Cheese at VK Stores (Shop No. 467) at Crawford Market, or you can attempt to make it at home if you are the adventurous-in-the-kitchen type. You will find one too many recipes online to assist you in your endeavour.
So, while you decide if you want to eat Cream Cheese directly from the bowl or you want to spread spoonfuls of it on a bagel, I’m off to cheat on my diet and satiate my cravings. 


Hilonee Furia is a compulsive thinker, an American TV addict and a fiction fanatic. She believes travel helps widen perspectives and cupcakes help solve problems. She also happens to be a freelance writer and you can connect with her here.


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