Monday, July 16, 2012

The Making of our Video!

If you read this blog, chances are that you've been to our kitchen for a class, or a tasting or just to have our famous chai at some point. We have an open door policy and people are always welcome to visit us. For those of you who haven't been here yet, we wanted to make a video to show you how we work. Well, that's how the idea of making a video for Le15 came about :)

We started meeting videographers and figuring out how the process works. We met a lot of people and nothing really materialized. Then, one day Tripti from our marketing team showed me this video and I just had to meet the people who made it!

Sunil and Ashley
Tripti introduced me to Ashley and Sunil of Paper Tiger Films. They are an indie film company that was formed in a studio apartment in Bombay. The first day we met we just instantly connected! Our meeting went on for the longest time and Ashley had a notebook full of ideas by the time we were done. Over the next couple of days we met several times and our ideas just got more ambitious. Everyone was so excited and we wanted to do everything (really, you should hear some of the story ideas the marketing team came up with). I am extremely camera shy (video camera :p) and these ideas were making me super nervous. I met Sunil alone and tried to convince him to make the video without me. He said they were going to keep it very simple and I should trust them. So I did.

The Crew at our Palladium Store
The shoot was going to last one entire day. They wanted us to work normally and just pretend they weren't around (ummm, that was going to be a bit hard). If I learnt anything that day, it was how difficult it is to make a movie! We were just shooting for a video that would last a minute or so and it was so complicated. I promised myself that from that day on I will never ever criticize any movie. At the end of the shoot, I couldn't feel my legs. We were all exhausted and the team was on a crazy sugar high.

The video is finally ready(!!). I tried sitting in on the edit and convincing Sunil to delete all my scenes. Unfortunately Pratish, as Creative Director, overruled my requests.
 I am extremely nervous but I hope that we've managed to get our message across.
The link will be up tomorrow morning. I hope you like it! Please be kind ok :)

Big Thank You to Ashley, Sunil, Pratish, Mithun (DOP), Varun (Asst. DOP) and Tripti.


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