Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Nachiket Barve for Le15!

Remember a few months ago, I was telling you about our packaging and how we had something amazing up our sleeves. Well, it's finally ready!
Ever since I started Le15, I've wanted to collaborate with a Fashion designer to create something special. I didn't exactly know what this was going to be 3 years ago but I had a vague idea of the direction I wanted it to take. Then last year, around this time, at our usual chai and passion fruit macaron session Pratish and I looked at each other and said 'Nachiket Barve'.

We wanted to work with someone who had the same sensibilities as Le15, whose work inspired us and fit with our way of thinking. I started researching Nachiket's work and just fell in love with it!
I didn't know Nachiket at all, and had only seen him in the newspapers. I was extremely nervous and didn't know how to approach him. Then finally, I just sent him a tweet (yes, this all happened over twitter!) and asked him how I could reach him. And that was how it all started!

One of our many meetings!

What followed was a lot of meetings (with lots of macarons of course), idea boards, recipe testing and more. 
We chose Nachiket's AW'12 Collection 'Caravan' to be our inspiration for this collaboration. 

Caravan is inspired by the silk route and spices. So for the festive season, I have created a line of macarons and cupcakes completely inspired by the silk route, by the outfits in Caravan (colours and patterns) and we have the most beautiful gift boxes designed by Nachiket!

These limited edition boxes are the perfect gifts for Diwali, Weddings, Christmas, Birthdays (so versatile!) and is a product that we are extremely proud of :)
They will be available from the 26th of October. More info coming up soon!

One from the collection: Saffron-infused white chocolate ganache with a hint of nutmeg


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